Individual Planning and Tax Compliance

Affordable, Personal Tax Preparation and Financial Planning for Individuals and Families in Oakland County

Personal Tax Planning & Compliance Bingham Farms MI | Mackey & Mackey - individual-planning-happy-coupleOf all the decisions that affect your family’s finances, tax accounting is one of the most influential.

How you prepare for tax season affects not only the amount of money you have to spend now, but also your future ability to pay for healthcare, educate your children, or save money for retirement. Mackey and Mackey helps you minimize your obligations and keep as much of your earnings as possible. Offering tax services in Bingham Farms for people all over SE MI, we have the experience and expertise to protect your wealth legally and effectively.

Better Tax Planning Strategies to Help You Keep More of Your Money

The US Federal and state governments give taxpayers a number of options to minimize their burden, but many people who are eligible for these tax breaks fail to take advantage of them. Mackey and Mackey is committed to finding and claiming every possible source of tax relief. Odds are you could already be reaping significant savings through:

  • Healthcare Deductions - Federal and state governments offer several deductions for the money you spend on health insurance or healthcare. We identify every deductible medical expense and make sure that it is factored into your taxes.
  • Retirement Savings - Through 401(k) plans, IRAs and other financial instruments, you can shield your retirement savings from taxation until it comes time to collect. We make sure that you are taking full advantage of these methods, and help you move your money around for greater tax protection.
  • Housing - If you have a mortgage on your home, the interest you pay on it is deductible from your Federal income taxes. We ensure that you are claiming the full value of this deduction and all others related to housing.

Mackey and Mackey doesn’t limit its services to tax season. We provide advice and accounting throughout the year - making it easy for you to get a jump on responsible money management.

Financial Plans to Protect Your Future

When you make financial plans for your future, tax planning should be part of the process. The more you can reduce the percentage of your earnings paid to the government, the faster you can grow your money. This type of planning will help you to build up enough wealth to send your kids to college, retire comfortably, or fulfill any other financial goals. Mackey and Mackey helps you incorporate tax preparation seamlessly into all of your other financial activities.

For more information on tax accounting and other financial services for families and businesses, contact Mackey and Mackey today.