Fraud and Forensic Accounting

Precise Fraud & Forensic Accounting Services from Mackey and Mackey

Fraud & Forensic Accounting Services Bingham Farms MI | Mackey & Mackey - fraud-forensic-flareNo issue is more devastating to a small business than financial fraud.

Your business not only suffers the financial loss from the act itself, it can put your company in legal jeopardy and ruin its reputation with your customers. Even if you manage to restore your books to transparency, it may take years to recover the damages, loss of income, as well as the cost to earn back the trust of potential partners and customers. With proven practices, Mackey and Mackey, in Bingham Farms, can help you prevent fraudulent behavior. If you suspect fraudulent activity, we can help you quickly identify the total damages so you can start the recovery process.

Fraud & Forensic Accounting Helps You Clearly Understand the Extent of Your Loss

Mackey and Mackey has been in the bookkeeping business for more than three decades, giving us unique insight into the nature of small business fraud. As such, we understand that financial malpractice is often far more widespread than it first appears. When you report something that is out of order, we trace the issue to its source. We then use complex damage measurement procedures to determine just how far the corruption has spread. This allows us to root out all illegal and improper activities at once, rather than addressing one problem at a time.

Eliminating fraud in one fell swoop is the most effective way to put a stop to it. The better you understand the full extent of the problem, the better equipped you are to stop it, as well as identify who you can trust to make the necessary changes. This minimizes the cost of solving the problem and puts you on a secure footing for future transparency.

We Can Help You Identify Areas of Risk Before It’s Too Late

Given the effect that even the most minor instances of fraud can have on your reputation, prevention is always the better strategy. Mackey and Mackey has the training and experience to identify high-risk areas in your company’s accounting and bookkeeping systems before anyone has a chance to exploit them. We go through your books and look for any factors that might make it easy to hide financial impropriety. These include complex or ambiguous accounting systems, as well as activities that are not properly monitored or regulated. Once we have determined all operations with a high potential for fraud, we work with you to shore up those activities and keep your company fully insulated against corruption.

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