Estate, Trust and Gift Planning

Protect Your Family and Your Future with Proper Estate, Tax & Gift Planning from Mackey and Mackey

Estate, Trust & Asset Planning Bingham Farms MI | Mackey & Mackey - estate-trust-senior-coupleWhether it’s a house, a business or a stock portfolio, transferring your assets requires careful planning.

Without proper documentation, you could end up losing much of what you own to taxes, create ownership ambiguities, or allow your beneficiaries to disregard your intentions. Mackey and Mackey is committed to keeping these problems to a minimum. Through detailed estate, trust and gift planning services, we preserve as much of your assets as possible while making sure they are distributed exactly as you wish.

A Strategic Trust, Estate & Gift Plan Protects Your Assets from the Unexpected

With more than 30 years of experience in the Detroit area, Mackey and Mackey understands the complications that can arise if you don’t plan asset transfers carefully. These include:

  • Taxes - Asset transfers are only exempt from taxes up to a certain amount. If you give gifts over that amount, the Federal government will take a big chunk out of it before your beneficiaries even see it! Through proper gift tax planning, we help you plan transfers carefully so that as little is subject to taxation as possible.
  • Disputes - Besides making you vulnerable to taxes, lacking a plan for wealth transfer leaves your beneficiaries unsure about what is theirs. This can have devastating consequences on their relationships with each other, as they fight over who may claim each asset. By helping you develop a detailed plan, we keep these tragic disputes from happening.
  • Misuse - Your beneficiaries may not use your assets the way you intend them to, which is why you need to specify your intentions as a condition of the transfer. Say you own a family farm you’re giving to your children. If you don’t want them to sell it outside the family, you should set conditions that prevent them from doing that.

If Something Happens to You, What Happens to Your Business?

Leadership is essential for success in business - which is why business owners must have a plan in place for illness, death or retirement. If you own a business, we will work with you to determine a detailed plan for succession. This includes not only specifying who will operate or own your business after you give up control, but also what they are allowed to do with it. With our help, you can keep your firm functioning according to your vision long after you retire or pass away.

Mackey and Mackey offers the proper estate, trust and gift planning to families and business owners throughout Oakland County, Michigan. To learn more, call us today.